New Car

Distinctive, pleasant, ‘new car’ scent. Have your car smelling like new again with the clean smell of a new or freshly valeted car


Sweet and cheerful cherry scent. Brings back childhood memories to your everyday commute


The classical, rich and creamy aroma of Vanilla. Excellent for all cars

Woody Forest

Bold forest-like scent with plenty of nutty and pine-like notes. Escape to the country!


Delicate and relaxing ocean scent. Very refreshing

Green Tea

Zesty, crisp and fresh fragrance that leaves you feeling invigorated


Powerful citric scent, immediately awakening memories of bright and sunny Mediterranean days


Beautiful, vibrant with the sweet smell of Aquarelle flowers. Perfect for the vivacious lady


Bright, zesty, aroma of fresh juicy oranges bursting with citrus fragrances


An Incredibly realistic apple smell, reminding you of deliciously ripe, crispy red apples


Mouth-watering, sweet scent of gorgeous summer strawberries

Mango & Peach

Sweet and fruity blend of exotic temptation

Bergamot & Tobacco

A fresh scent that is relaxing with a subtle hint of citrus orange extract and floral overtones.

Bubble Gum

Sweet bubble gum scent. There is nothing more to say, you will immediately know it when you smell it

Apple & Cinnamon

Savoury, mouth-watering scent of apple & cinnamon pastries. Excellent choice for a Christmas souvenir

Not found a Car Air Freshener Fragrance you like?

Don’t worry, we have other options and can use your own specially formulated scent if you have had one custom made. Just let us know what other fragrances inspire you and we will provide further options and prices. You can reach our expert design team via our contact page or you can call us on 01524 848382. Let them help create your perfect car Air Freshener with a memorable scent that your customer will love.

Invigorating and memorable Car Air Freshener fragrances that your customers will love.

Why not inspire them with the empowering aroma of fresh pine or tropical fruit or perhaps that distinctive feel-good New Car a scent?


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Select your quality and then simply let us know how you want your personalised Car Air Freshener to look. A few easy steps and then leave the rest to us!

Economy quality 1.5-1.8mm thickness cellulose cardboard. Odour eliminating fragrance. Value and quality showing your customers you care. Double-sided full-colour printing. Minimum order quantity 100.

Premium quality 2mm thickness absorbent white cellulose for longer lasting fragrance. Great quality and value showing your customer you care. Double-sided full-colour printing. Minimum order quantity 100.

Luxury quality 4mm thickness absorbent white cellulose and extra longer lasting fragrance. Creating a refined and sophisticated personalised Car Air Freshener. Double-sided full-colour printing. Minimum order quantity 100.

Need Help? Just call our expert design team on 01524 848382 and we can talk you through each step or provide a quick quote.